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[foto tutorial] ideas con el alambre de cobre “idee regalo”

By on 11-16-2015 in Mille Tecniche da Sperimentare

1° tutorial

How to Make Wire Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament for Desk Decoration:

2° tutorial

How to Make Wire Christmas Tree Earrings with Seed Beads:

3° tutorial

#DIY Summary: Here comes a piece of holiday jewelry. During happy holiday, wearing a piece of holiday spirited jewelry may add more happy atmosphere. This is a pair of Christmas tree earrings out of wire and small beads. It's a cute and interesting wire design:

4° tutorial

Christmas Tree Earrings:

5° tutorial

DIY Earrings Tutorials:

6° tutorial

Wire Wrapped Copper Earrings #Wire #Jewelry #Tutorials:



DIY Clothespin Jewelry: